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1. Haemoglobinometer.
(A) Indian Superior quality.
(B) German Original.

2. Haemocytometer.

(A) With china counting chamber with Chinese R.B.C. & W.B.C. pipettes.
B) ------- DO------- with germen marine field counting chamber with German pipettes.

3. Double Unit Organ Bath
Double unit organ bath thermostatic isolated organ two unit Perspex bath 30 x 22.5 x 20 cms. deep mounted on an angle stand 250 watt heating element with sensitive thermostat of range 20 to 600C (Sensitivity + 50C) & a stirrer unit is provided. hosed in a separate box are switches and indicator with two meter main cord & plug attached to the stand, set of fixtures and components are four adjustable upright with two fixit levers with remote release & frontal levers two hook grips, oxygen tubes. Double set of glass inner vessels warning coils. The rmometer clamps, screw clips, connecting tube

4. Sherrington rotating drum.
Electrical recording drum E/8 (Student Kymograph) particularly suitable for general experimental work & student use consist of S.S. spindle, screw lift 15 x 15 cm cylinder fitted with heavy duty motor oil rapped gear system jerk free running instantaneous
start & stop clutch.

5. Frog Board.
For use with heart lever etc. having cork top & clamp .

6. Tray (dissecting).
Dissecting tray Enameled size 10" x 12" with wax.

7. Frontal writing lever.
8. Areation tube.

9. Tele Thermometer.
Table model 6 probes 3½ digit temperature display.

10. Pole Climbing Apparatus.
Cooks pole climbing response apparatus for the study of pole jump (Avoidance) response. Application of shock can be either manual or automatic also ready or delayed. Both duration of delay and application at shock are fitted on wooden controller by 11
position timer switch.

11. Histamine Chamber.
Histamine aerosacle size 12" x 10" x 6" made of acrylic sheet with glass nebulizer dial
type sphygmometer, robber bellow for constant all pressure with y & rubber tube.

12. Simple Lever.

13. Starting Heart Lever.
Starling heart lever with imported wire superior spring.

14. ECG Machine (Single Channel).

15. Aerator.
Aerator vibrator type working on 220V AC.

16. Stethoscope.

17. First Aid Box

18. Dissecting (surgical) instruments.
(b) --------- Do------- (Superior Quality)

19. Balance for weighing small animals.
2.5Kg or 5Kg with top loading pan.

20. Kymograph paper.

21. Analgesiometer.
Radiant heat type or tail flick type for determining analgesic effect of drug.

22. Thermometer.

23. Single Pan Balance.
Electrical balance weighing range 200gm. Readability 0.1 mgm optical range 1000
Mgm scale division 10 mgm. Built in mechanical weight 1-199 gm.Accuracy ) 0.1 mgm .

24. Anatomical specimen. (Heart, brain, eye, ear. reproductive system etc.)

25. Electro - Convulsiometer.
With corneal electrodes. It is used to study the anticonvalsometer activity of phenytoin
against maximum electro shock induced convulsation in rats
26. Stop Watch (Electronic)

(b) Stop Watch (Mechanical)

27. Boss Heads

28. Symes Cannula

29. Burner

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