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1. Continuous Hot extration Equipment with heating mentle
Hot Extraction capacity 100ml flask cap 250ml with standard joint made from borosil glass with electrical
heated, thermostical control heating mentle

2. Conical Percolator Stainless steel cap 1000ml with lid, drain cock, stainless steel sieve 3 legged stand machine made.

3. Tincture Press
For making. Tinctures, decoction infusion etc. capacity 1ltr stainless steel inner
perforated vessel.

4. Hand Grinding Mill.
Table fixing with hardened grinding discs, provision for coarse and fine grinding
5. Disintegration Test Apparatus
Disintegration Test unit used for determination disintegration of time of tablets. A motorized shaft moves in an up & down direction at a frequency of 30 cycles per minute holds 6 glass tubes of standard size with stainless size with stainless steel wire gauge bottom. Cylinder moves up & down with standard dish inside in a 1 ltr. beaker filled of
distilled water which is maintained at 37oC, by thermostatically control hot plate.

6. Ball Mill
For mixing & grinding, electrically operated cap.2 Kg fitted with FHP motor, The Jar is
made of aluminum and having steel balls of different size.

7. Hand Operated Tablet Machine
Single punch for making tablet up to 1000 mg,size of die and punch is 6/12 mm, automatic
compression and ejection device, automatic feed, hoper SS.

8. Tablet Coating Pan Fabricated to technical shape from stainless steel complete with
hot blower, electric motor, starter indicator lamp,thermostat etc. available in 12" size.

9. Polishing Pan Detachable polishing pan for use with coating pan is
made of mild steel, painted and provided with inner lining of superior canvas cloth

10. Tablet Hardness Tester(Monsanto type) Brass chrome plates 0-20 Kg.

11. Tablet Hardness Tester (Pfizer type) Brass chrome plates 20 Kg fitted with dial indicator

12. Granulating Sieves.

13. Tablet Counter Small size
Device for 100 tablets, 9.5 mm. perforations, made to aluminum sheet with pouring lip and handle.

14 Friability Test Apparatus
Friability test apparatus used for tablet to determine the durability from the time of production to the time use. A transparent plastic drum rotating has plastic blade which carries the tablets to a predetermined height and lets them off. The rotation period is determined by a timer. Tablets are weighed before and after the test and difference in
weight for a particular time period indicates the rate of abrasion.

(B) Same as above with digital R.P.M indicator

15. Capsule Filling Machine
Stroke type barrel and piston arrangement with stroke setting for various capacity of filling capsule detachable nozzles provided for each separate capacity. All contact parts
are of stainless. Built on cast iron body hand lever operated.

16. Prescription Balance.
Prescription balance capacity 50gm with brass C.P. parts sunmica top base & one Pan
of glass other stainless steel/both pans of S.S.

17. Balance Torsion Type
With removable glass pan triple beam balance 111gm fitted on sunmica base.

18. Distillation equipment for distilled water
It is used for pure pyrogen free distilled water. All stainless steel body, itcomprises of main chamber, condenser tube, condenser jacket, vapaur baffle & constant level arrangement. Splashing of water delivery tube is avoided by superior design of vapaur baffle. The lid rests ensures minimum (negligible) loss of steam. The still is provided with bracket (to be fixed on wall) on which the still can rest. It is available on with 4 ltr.

19. All glass distillation unit for making water for injection.
Automatic electrically heated all glass distillation apparatus. N.P.L. design, heater embedded in spiral glass tube complete with C.I. heavy base, rod, clamps, boards etc.
Flask capacity3 ltr single distillation.

(b) Auto cut for above apparatus h

20. Ampul washing machine.
Simple syringe type, motor driven giving 10 ampule per minutes of filling adjustable 1ml. To 10ml.by a cam lever arrangement Automatic in outflow of liquid. All connect parts are of borosil glass. The sealing partconsists of glass fusing burner with foot
bellow & rubber tubing

21. Ampoule filling and sealing machine.
Ampoule Washing machine. Jet needle type -6, SS, needle jets 12.5 dia with side tap.

22. Sintered glass filters for bacteria proof filtration (4 different grades)
Borosilicate capacity 30ml. G-1, G-2, G-3, G-4

23. Millipore filter

24. Autoclave.
12" x 12" (Aluminum) heavy duty electrical heated .with 63mm pressure gauge, two
safety valve, inner chamber & stand

25. Pressure cooker

26. Hot air sterilizer (Oven).
Temperature up to 250oC. Double walled inner chamber of anodized aluminum sheet/S.S. chamber and outer of M.S sheet with powder coated finish, Element on three sides. The inner chamber is provided with rib for adjusting shelves supplied with 2 shelves & Air ventilator are provided on two side of the unit S.S Chamber Alum. Chamber
Inner chamber size 12 x 12 x 12"
Inner chamber size 14 x 14 x 14".
Inner chamber size 18 x 18 x 18".

27. Incubator
temperature up to 250oC. Double walled inner chamber of anodized aluminium sheet and outer of M.S sheet with powder coated finish Element on three sides. The inner chamber is provided with rib for adjusting shelves supplied with 2 shelves & Air ventilator are provided on two side of the unit . S.S. Chamber Alum. Chamber
Inner chamber size 12 x 12 x 12".
Inner chamber size 14 x 14 x 14".
Inner chamber size 18 x 18 x 18".

28. Aseptic Cabinet.
Aseptic cabinet with slopping front. Acrylic sheet front and side doors (Fully visible
transparent) germicidal ultra violet tube & 2 fit fluorescent tube for white light with
necessary choke blast, starter and switches fitted, also mains lead and plug provided.
Two holes with rings and sleeves for insertion of arms are also provided.

29. Animal Cage
Provide excellent shelter for different animal. The metallic top provided ventilation and
has provision for feeding.
Size 290 x 220 x 140cm
Size 430 x 270 x 150cm
Water bottle for feeding 125ml.
Water bottle for feeding 250ml.

30. Rabbit Holder
Box type wooden, glass front, top lid opening, air window, pushing system and neck
holding clamp provided, size 17"x 6"x6" with clamp of brass.

31. Ampul Clarity Test Equipments
Ampul Clarity test equipment for ampules milky white and black screen fitted on base board with diffused light arrangement, over all dimensions are 24' x 12' x 18' high. A stainless steel upright with adjustable slide arm with clump for holding a magnifier is
provided. Complete with magnifier. Mains cord plug for light provided.

32. Mixer Blender(Heavy Duty).

33. Centrifuge Machine.
Centrifuge machine 4 tube x 15 ml. Electrical operated with speed regulator.

(b) Centrifuge Machine Electrical operated 12tube x 15 ml. High Speed With Timer
& speed regulator with square body

34. Ointment Slab.
Made from acrylic sheet.

35. Ointment Spatula
Stainless steel wide blade, stout, flexible, with wooden handle.
Size 6"
Size 8"

36. Pestle and Mortar (Porcelain).

37. Pestle and Mortar (Glass)

38. Deionizers.
Two bed demineralizers consists with in built prefilter, high exchanging capacity cation and anion resin columns. Conductivity meter operates on both AC and DC of 9V small battery, plastic/FRP chemicals proof regeneration tank, a set of flexible polythene tube connection. All housed in a trolley mounted corrosion proof mild steel stand for mobility. Deionised water will have the conductivity of less than 10 micro siemens/cm
and ph of 7.5 to 9 model TBD 50 output cap. 50 ltrs/hr.

39. Heart Lever Starling. Frontal writing lever

40. Operation Table for Small Animal.
Operation table for small animal for guinea pigs, rabbits & cats. Hoechest design 67 x
30 cm stainless steel top with S.S. rod and clamps.
41. Activity cage.
This is an all solid state instrument for monitoring spontaneous & induced ambulatory
activity of laboratory animals.

42. Analgesiometer.
Mark-1 radiant heat type or tail flick type for determining analgestic effect of drugs.

43. Clinical Thermometer

44. Anatomy Charts Laminated Size 100 x 70cm

45. Charts on Rexine

46. Human Skeleton Articulated Fiber Glass.

47. Thermostatic Water Bath (Rectangular).
Double wall, electrical operated made of S.S. with concentric ring 6 hole thermostatic-
ally controlled temperature upto 95 oC.
48. Triple Beam Balance

49. Tube Crimping and Sealing Machine.
Hand lever sliding movements with toothed jaws spring action release of jaws robust

50. Dissolution Test Apparatus
. 6 jar with digital rpm controller and digital temperature indicator controller and
motorised up down motion.

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