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1. Refractometer.
Measuring range: nD 1.3000 to 1.7000 sugar 0 to 95% with both refractive index & sugar scale. It is a standard instrument for measuring refractive index and dispersions of liquids and solids and also for determining the percentage contents of sugar in water solutions. Prism box is water jacketed for circulation of water at constant temperature, if
required for precise measurement.

2. Student Polarimeter (Half Shade)
Consists of laurent half shade, polariser, analyzer, brass scale graduated from 0 to 360o or 0-180 o with vernier reading 6" and accommodates a 200mm. glass tube. It is packed
in a card box.

3. Photoelectric Colorimeter Digital.
Digital 8 filter 3 ½ digit main operated with optical density in 2½ digit LED display
4. PH meter digital
LCD display with combination ph electrode table model ac battery operated.

5. Atomic Model Set.
Balls of first quality material (360 balls).

(B) ------ Do------ with (60 balls) h

6. Analytical Balance
Cap. 200 gm sensitivity 1/10 mgm with rider arrangement in teak wood case

(B) Analytical Weight Box 1-100 gm

7. Chainomatic Balance.

8. Physical Balance
Sensitivity 1 mgm with extended beam fitted with seven stone agate edges in double
door teakwood case.

(b) Physical Weight Box:-
1 mg to 100gm. Brass chrome plated accurate.

9. Platform Balance.
Dial type with pan at the top. Capacity 2 kg.

10. Periodic table chart.
Laminated Size 40 x 60” PVC

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